Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Simply Scrumptious Shortbread

Since I am not making it for everyone in their baking this year, Mr K and I made some shortbread spur of the moment tonight. And we had a fantastic time screwing around and experimenting with it. I usually do a cookie press, but saw on Jane's blog that she used an icing bag and tip to make swirly round ones. A lightbulb went off above my head when I saw that and my brain went "oh..ooooohh...oh MY! The fun I am going to have with THAT!!" I had all the materials needed from my cake decorating supplies.

And boy did we ever!

Snowmen, letters, candy canes......

A truck! A Train! A Reindeer or two!
Ok, I can't draw a train most days, not sure how I managed this masterpiece, our shortbread train! Mr K thought I was Supermom for this one. Indeed, I am rather proud.
Most of the cookies didn't break, but the reindeer's antlers were too fragile and any that were too thin were delicate as well. The secret is to make them thick and they won't break as easily....oh. but it was just so much fun doing it! Like drawing, but with cookies!


miss b said...

we've made shortbread too, easiest breeziest cookie ever. no fancy shapes for us, though i did see jane's idea and thought that'd be neat to try. of course i don't actually have an icing bag.

Jane said...

Miss B - use a ziploc bag with the corner cut off!

Ok these cookies make mine look pathetic now lol - some people are just too darn talented for their own good :) I just did round squiggles!

Blackbird Pie said...

I really want some of that shortbread. Yum.