Monday, February 25, 2008

Name Tag

I read Cori's blog this evening, and since no one else is admitting they read her post and are "tagged", I'll do this ditty. Take my middle name (ah ,which one says I..let's go with Averil) and from each letter, tell a word that describes me.

A- Affectionate. Yip, love smothering my kids with kisses & hugs. I think I also PDA with hubby too much as well sometimes LOL!

V- Vindictive. Oh yes, very much so when I want to be.

E- Effusive.

R- Restless. Lately yes, this is not something I would attribute to me, but I think spring fever has me going nuts.

I- Interesting. Damn straight.

L- Lucky. I look at my husband and kids every day and think so :)

There ya go Cori! But I never tag people to do things either, so it dies here :) Unless you are reading this, and if that's the case, if you don't do the same as I did, your luck will run out, your house will cave in, and you will be covered in burning pustules.


Blackbird Pie said...

I would do mine but there's no O for obnoxious in my middle name.

Cori said...

Thanks for taking the tag! Two days later, and you're STILL the only one to do it, lol! Burning pustules, hee hee hee

Mike johnston said...

Oooho! I should have used my other middle name Nicole! That had a O for me!