Monday, March 10, 2008

Still Alive....

Yawn but barely! We have been soo busy between Mike and I working that's there's hardly a moment to blog.

Not much is new, I am finally picking up shifts at work, I had my first full one yesterday and my first time alone on the big scary desk. No one like the big scary desk because that's where codes come in (you know, code blue, all those hospital speak ones you hear on tv) and then you have to do the whole rigamarole while trying not to panic. Yah. Just not at that "no panic" stage yet since I haven't had one. I sat chewing my nails till the night girl got in LOL!

I haven't planted sweet all yet, I am SO behind thanks to work. I just want to grab as many shifts as possible while I can, before more people are trained and then there are less hours (one could dream) I am admiring Jane's blog and her lovelies that are growing...sigh. Maybe this coming weekend I will run out and grab some early starters and some peat pellets... I think a lot of what I am growing this year are going to be in the peony/daylily/roses category, and those are not from seed, I want things to stay where they are and come back every year. It was so much work last year starting those bazillion seedlings, tho granted, the Asters are worth it and I will be growing those again for sure.

Walmart had just a fantastic selection of bulbs for lillies etc already.. and I have my patio furniture picked out already....just need a gas firepit....see? See why I have to work? I just spent a thousand bucks in my head. Honestly.Who could afford me?

We are doing some massive spring cleaning, we switched the kids rooms around so they are separate again, Mr K just wasn't getting sleep with The Princess being up all night. So that entailed a huge toy donation blitz, I have 3 bags (hidden out of the kids view) full of toys to go. But they are sooo excited and playing upstairs now because its all "new".

Thats it. So exciting eh?