Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Stop Me

I shouldn't have access to my old posts. I shouldn't. Cause I still here, whimpering, over my pictures of green grass and beautiful flowers and kids in shorts and bathing suits and just wanna cry.

What IS it this year? The kids ages? Needing so much more attention and activity? We even are using the basement to play in, three levels of house and toys isn't enough for pete's sake??! (and that goes for me too, with my stir-craziness) And, while looking back, we didn't get snow until November this year, Halloween was beautiful and warm....sigh.

I am so desperate I want shifts at work....lots of shifts, so I can go out and buy lots of stuff. Like plants and stuff. So by May said basement is just crammed full of stuff that has to go outside. Argh.

Blah. Maybe I just haven't been out sans kids for too long (thus the crazy wanting to work idea LOL!) Maybe getting out for a movie will help.


Becks said...

I hear ya! I'm going stircrazy too, and so are the boys!
BRING ON SUMMER!! Or spring!