Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Well, besides the fact that Cori is posting about her wilting plants, and I guess I have something to boast about (??) LOL, I also got a call this morning from someone else who is stuck inside from days of rain and not able to garden and is bitter about my greeness and plants and joy LMAO! What can I say, move here! :)

So here are my toasted clematis. I will be shopping for something new this weekend, just not sure what..... aren't they lovely!


Cori said...

Green is over rated. Shades of brown should be nice, too.

Becks said...

I agree clematis died as well.

Jane said...

Ok can I just say I am sooo jealous that it got that big last year - Mine didn't get that big last year - it didn't thrive much at all last year - I got two flowers but it gt half that size....and then died and didn't come back this year :(

I think you should go live in England - you'd love it - you could have a lovely thatched cottage with a perfect country garden where all your flowers would bloom for months on end :) It would suit you :) but you'd have to deal with all the slugs of course lol!