Sunday, May 25, 2008

It Didn't Disappoint

Wow, I can truly say my azalea was worth every penny, what a gorgeous tropical looking bloom it has! I can only imagine how fabulous a whole bush of these blooms will look in a few years....

On the depressing side, NONE of my clematis (4 of them) made it through the winter, I think I can also add my scarlet honeysuckle to this list as well. I think that wonderful extreme cold that killed the pine beetles was too much for them, and since I didn't mulch over them (sigh, expensive lesson for me) they froze too deeply to return. My wonder hydrangea also didn't come back this year as well, dammit.

I am considering replacing the dead clematis's with a climbing rose, mine is just gorgeously green already. I still want a honeysuckle tho..

But my globeflowers made it, I moved them out of the shade and into the sun and they are exploding in lupines are all coming back wonderfully, I think there are a couple foxgloves coming up....but just no clematis. Chaps my ass because this year should have been FANTASTIC blooms finally.


Cori said...

Wow, that's absolutely beautiful! My neighbour's clematis that is on our joined fence is looking pretty dead, I was hoping it was just a late starter.

I planted some rudbekia (brown eyed susans - Becky and tiger eye) and some other kind that has "wizard" in the name so I thought that was too cute to pass up. I feel all proud of myself, then come here and feel inadequate ;)

Jane said...

My Clematis died too - my honeysuckle (same as yours - the scarlet) survived though and is doing really well. I was surprised. We plan to buy some more of them next year when the porch has been redone. The Hummingbirds like them.

I can't see your pictures tonight for some reason so will have to come back to look at those!

Jane said...

Popped back to see the pictures and YES just beautiful!!!! Try again with the honeysuckle!!! Maybe it was just bad luck last time.