Saturday, May 17, 2008


I picked up a Saskatoon bush at Superstore today...due to a great summer cold I felt like shit and was uninspired to buy much else... a northern something azalea that will go in the front and that was it.

Blech, just want our (kids and I) colds to go away!


Blackbird Pie said...

I love that you have a saskatoon bush! I have been thinking of planting some as well. Should I do that right away if I want to establish them this year?

Our family got the spring cold too.. ugh. Have you ever tried a neti pot? It looks bizarre but it works wonders on congestion, medicine-free.

The MIKK Family said...

Oh its probably the best time to plant them now, but I also read that the 3rd year is when they actually start producing, AND that if you have two or more they produce more fruit.(cross pollination or whathaveyou) SO I need to pick up another one this year as well, then wait impatiently!