Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Me me me me

Alll me. Kade was playing around with the camera today and took pictures of me, some of which turned out really nice! I was damn impressed to say the least! I never get nice pics of me, then he goes and takes a bunch of them!

So here, moi.

This picture made me laugh. My blank stare of sleep deprivation. " Wait, did I lose time? Did I black out? Where am I?"

On the other hand ,he has seriously taken some BAD pictures the last few days. He got ahold of my camera while I was digging flowerbeds. Needless to say my best side is NOT my ass bending over the flowerbeds LOL! I had to laugh at those ones. And no, you don't get to see them! I saved them to show Mike then deleted them forever.
Or the ones where I am coming towards the camera and giving him shit for having it LOL! Those are good ones too, scowl on my face, "Where the hell did you find it?" Or a big hand over the camera, which would be my hand taking it from him.
I need to buy a new one so he can have this old one and have fun.