Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mmmmmm TV

Nice snowstorm that blew in today, holy smokes. We haven't even looked at the sidewalk, Mike was hopeful and cleared it this morning, but now its so bad that you can't tell where the sidewalk is in comparison to our lawn, its all the same height. Have fun shovelling hon! I think we get worse wind out here, it seems to drift...I would hate to think that its really THAT much snow that we are getting.

Our weekend project....setting up the new TV. It's too big and too ostentatious and too loud and I love it. :) We rented some Blu-ray movies for tonight to try out the Blu-ray player and I can't wait! The new Harry Potter and the newest Die Hard...frick I am worse than a man, I really am. I can't WAIT to get the kids to bed and watch all 58 glorious inches of Bruce Willis. (wait, that sounded quite dirty.....)

So thanks to my brother and dad who went to the States to pick up the tv's and Blu-ray's for everyone, and Dad for paying for the larger part of it. You are looking at the rest of my lifetime of birthday presents from my parents, but I think it was worth the trade. Hell, they don't even have to call me on my birthday anymore if they don't want.

Friday I went and saw 27 Dresses with Amanda and Brandy, and it was exactly what I wanted it to be, mindless chick flick. Which is a good thing after all the trouble we went to, to go and see it. Firstly, I arrived at the 7:40 movie at 7:36 thanks to an accident on the way and busy traffic around the theater. Pull into the cinema and no parking for miles. Then I notice that the entrance is literally crammed with people, right to the doors. Look at my cellphone and its totally dead, and my car charger is broken. So I was like Eff this, and went to the nearest payphone, called Mike, told him to call the girls and let them know. I call him back and my ass was directed BACK to the theater where they were waiting. We finally figure out its playing in St Albert, drive around there lost for a while. End up finding the theater, which was probably the most grungy, falling apart theater I have seen in a while. The seat in front of us was half hanging backwards, all broken, and there was a mound of popcorn at our feet. OH! And a bug flying around! The good news was that is was 17 bucks for the ticket, popcorn,pop and a chocolate bar. It was worth the grunge.

So I digress. I had picked up a couple gardening magazines at Safeway and I am just drooling with anticipation. I need to find a job to pay for my habit tho, I have champagne tastes on a beer budget.

And what else... oh yes, speaking of great dads, mine lent me his old Minolta camera so I can fiddle around with SLR and see if I really do want to buy one, or just get a nice point and shoot. Its film, so that's SO hard to get used to, not instantly seeing the picture.

Umm.. I am missing craft night cause there is no way I am driving on these roads in the dark, that sucks, I was looking forward to my magazines, and a latte and some chatter....sigh.

Have I mentioned I am so done with winter?


miss b said...

i missed craft night too. boo! we'll have to make it to the next one. hopefully no crazy snowstorms in feb.