Thursday, January 24, 2008

Felt Wallet

I was going to do this for Craft night, but I had time on my hands today so I whipped it up. The Princess chose the rabbit applique instead of iron on intials, then I had the buttons to match. So I stitched the sides, glued on the rabbit and did the button up. For some reason the gluestick stuck like a mofo, the materials must have just meshed well, I was rather shocked and thought I would have to sew it on.

I started Mr K's with these awesome shiny gold initials and he didn't want it! I was all like, FINE, my initals are KJ too, nyah nyah but didn't bother finishing it for myself lol.

And if anyone else is like me, I had a MILLION cards that The Princess could put in her "wallet" I have tons of used giftcards, business cards, she had a blast pretending with them.