Saturday, February 09, 2008

Body Worlds

I was REALLY excited to learn that this exhibit is coming to the Telus World of Science, Mike and I had thought it would be fascinating, and I was jealous that it hit Toronto and Vancouver and not here. But its coming! They have posters up at the Science center announcing it, and I was doing a jig of joy when I read them lol.

See the human body like never before as TELUS World of Science™ - Edmonton presents Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS: The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies, the most highly attended touring exhibition in the world. From individual organs to whole bodies, BODY WORLDS offers visitors a rare opportunity to see the complexity of human anatomy and physiology.

BODY WORLDS features authentic human specimens preserved through a revolutionary process called Plastination. This remarkable preservation technique replaces bodily fluids and fat with reactive plastics, thereby preserving human tissue in its natural state. Visitors who embark on this amazing journey below the skin's surface will view an extensive collection including more than 200 authentic organs, systems and whole-body displays.

Body Worlds

Its pretty damn pricey, $27 which includes general admission, but my desire to see this exhibit actually overpowers my cheapness LOL. I think we are going to co-ordinate with Kandice and Dan and go, I asked if it was going to Calgary and they didn't think it would. I think its too scarey for Mr K, if he was older I would take him for sure. I also would like to take the time sans kids to read and learn and poke around. They have evening ones, so I think we will buy tickets for one of those and have a certain Uncle babysit :)

I just read on the site that it takes 1500 hours to plastinate one body, no wonder its that expensive! That a huge amount of man hours and the cost must be insane.


Blackbird Pie said...

ooohh.. I think I'd want to see it but be creeped out by it at the same time. This coming from a woman who read a book all about cadavers this summer.

miss b said...

I heard it was gonna be in Calgary before Edmonton?

I'm not really interested. too creepy.

Cori said...

I plan to see it, too. We saw a Discovery blurb about it, and it looks pretty neat.

Anonymous said...

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