Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chocolate Hotdog

I couldn't make this stuff up any better if you paid me to, I swear. Somedays its just a three ring comedy circus around this house! I was putting the Princess down for a nap the other day, when the door creaked open, and this little hand with a hotdog bun curled around the corner. Then Mr K whispered

" Mom!"

"Ssssh K! I am trying to get Ivy to sleep"

"But Mom! I made you a chocolate hotdog"

Oh crap. Now this I have to see, waking the Princess be damned. He tiptoed over and put a hotdog bun in my hand, which I opened to see:

"oh, um YUM, K, now let me get your sister to sleep. DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE DOWNSTAIRS!"

"ok mom"

So the Princess slept, I went downstairs and found this at the bottom of the stairs:
And this on the counter, the remnants of HIS chocolate hotdog, which he claims was fantastic.

So yes, my son literally had a chocolate hotdog for lunch on Monday. Parent of the Year Award, here I come! I shouldn't be surprised, he is very much into his "experiments" lately, (not sure why he calls them that) the last one was mixing Cajun seasoning with rice milk, then soaking a piece of bread in it. And he actually tried a bite. (gag)

Other than that, Auntie K, Uncle Dan and the girlies are up, so off to the mall we go today...and I think the Science Center tomorrow, that should be fun!