Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is It Spring YET?????

Someone needs to stop me from looking back on my blog and the kids and bemoaning the loss of summertime..its BAD. Mr K and I went through his whole blog, watching the vids and looking at the pictures... but I lingered on the ones of them putting the grass flowers (sniffle sob)...oooh I get so restless by this time of year. I am just DONE.

Its also the time I start my planning, and yes, I have my drawings scattered around the house of what plants I want, new designs for the flowerbeds (especially since I hated the front last year) new things I want to try, and to actually maybe finalize the backyard. I think I am a yard commitment phobe, I really like ripping things up and trying new things, BUT I actually placed a NAME to the style of gardening I like, after picking up some magazines. Now this may not seem like a huge thing, but it is :) To finally figure out that a "cottage garden " (English garden) is what I aspire to just clicked a light bulb off in my head. My love of white picket fences, and arbors and trellises with climbing vines.. yup, thats it by George.

I am the kind of person who planted her dill in with her asters, tomatoes with her pansies, and the whole point of a cottage garden in the olden days was to fill up the space with not only flowers, but herbs and vegetables as well for use in the home. Exactly my style of gardening.

So I am planning....and waiting....impatiently...sighing over the seeds in Walmart....buying gardening magazines to help (or maybe they're making it worse) stave off the longing for greenness.