Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Long Weekend

Well, that's what happens when I get distracted with a long weekend, no blogging. Not that its a bad thing, I had a fantastic weekend! FAN-TASTIC. On Sunday Jen, who was up from Airdrie, and her mom Phyllis came and picked Mr K and I up, and we went shopping at West Ed. And I must have been crazy but I enjoyed myself. Like really had a good time.

Now I know for a fact a huge part is that Mr K is the most awesomest kid ever for shopping, he walked the entire mall for hours with us, held hands with Jens daughter and walked ever so nicely, didn't stray from me, we had lunch, it was great. He impressed Phyllis with how well he shopped, she was amazed, but then I reminded her that I was punished enough with the one I left at home with Mike. My karma came, baby, with The Princess. And that's ok. One day, she too will like shopping with her Momma. However, I forsee lots of arguments over clothes. I only pray she wants to wear combat boots because usually that means the matching clothes actually cover her body.....

I found a birthday present for the next birthday coming up, and a space book that Mr K just can't put down. I looked at all sorts of purses (yes, I have this purse fetish lately) and found the one I want. When you see me and my new purse, you will know that I hit a weight-loss goal that I am rewarding myself for LOL. We looked through all the kids stores, and I was horrified by the clothes in Old Navy, good thing I don't shop there. The "safari" theme this year is just grotesque for women, has anyone seen it? The colors are disgusting, all tans in awful jumpers that look like tour guide outfits, and that awful dull red color that doesn't look good on ANYONE. The whole store was dull and boring. The only good thing is the animal prints, I loooove me some animal prints!

I digress, I am not writing a fashion blog LOL. But I do need clothes so desperately. I did a Goodwill cleanse and I have NO clothes, I got rid of all my maternity wear, all the clothes that are too big now (not a hardship, not complaining here) and my closet is bare to the bones. I have a lot of dress shirts which saved my ass for work this last week, they matched my one pair of black dress pants and one skirt, but everything else is t-shirts and I have 3 pairs of jeans. Those I scored at the Goodwill lol...its a cycle...in and out...

But after a while everyone else decided to come to the mall, and it was the busiest I have ever seen it, talk about insane! We quickly left at that point.

The rest of the weekend has really, appropriately, been family time. We played and played outside, did lots of reading, played Wii, did some shopping all together, and it was just so relaxing and nice.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!


Becks said...

Gotta love long weekends! I have no clothes either. If you ever find good deals...please post them. I have only 2 pairs of dress pants and barely any dress shirts too! Work outfits have been hard to come by!