Thursday, January 24, 2008

Now That's Interesting...

So I like looking at my hits counter, its neat to see where the hits come from world-wise. I looked this afternoon, and saw one that was different, so I went to details. It ended up being the Victoria (Australia) Police network, and they had visited my post about the Violence Against Women.

I am really curious if my blog was tagged by a spider/bot whatever thingy, (see how technical I am) and sent to their attention because of those words......interesting..... Usually I can see that a google search for random things brought up my blog, then the person clicked on it, read my blog etc. This was a direct hit right to my blogpage.....weird.

Goes to show you tho why I don't use the kids real names or any pictures of them, or my address or personal information, you never know who is looking!

Oh, AHEM, and why I am a decent, law-abiding citizen ;)