Thursday, January 24, 2008

Slap My Hand...

...when this stores online shopping is a go....its like the "best of Etsy" in one store.... (click the pic)

I covet the amethyst necklace by Lynette-McCullough.....some of the jewelry on that site is just fantastic. I like her mermaid necklace too....way too awesome.

Mmm I would love to browse that granny dishcloths or slippers LOL! Not that there is anything wrong with those...


Blackbird Pie said...

There are a few stores like this around.. as well as some blogs that solely highlight cool stuff the user found on etsy.

The DIY/Indie/Crafter scene has really taken off.

Blackbird Pie said...

oh, and I saw the mermaid necklace, my friend made one with the same wooden bead that I really liked:

mermaid necklace from stella bella arts

Andy said...

Thank you so much for the fabulous comment on my store, Handmade Galleries. I really appreciate it. It is a challenge for us to do online sales, but rest assured we are trying. Very soon we will have lots more things to at least see online. I will keep you posted. Oh, and we will reciprocate links soon.
Thank you, again.
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