Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Need To Get Back To Working

Meep I am spending too much money LOL! I need to get back working to occupy my time instead. Or just make more that I can spend ;)

I popped to Walmart to pick up some plants, found my Northcountry blueberries that looked especially healthy and I am gonna give them a shot.I don't know many people who have been successful, they are finicky with their PH levels, but its only two shrubs that I may possible kill.

And my raspberries, which are going back, because they are only good to Zone 5/6. WTF. Can you just NOT stock plants that won't survive in Alberta? ( we are zone 3a) Please? OR at least just put it on the container or the card in the description. Blech, all the way back to return them. I am so not into babying plants that may not make it.

These MIGHT be ok in our Zone.....I am going to try them along the fence where they might winter ok.....
And my lupines with their waterdroplets after the rain...they are all coming back SO beautifully!