Monday, May 05, 2008

Suckety Sucks Day

You know, I have had better days. Truly better, more enjoyable, happier days. Ever have a day start out nicely, then just go downhill from there? I had a nice time at the playground with friends and their kids, shopped at Superstore, then headed home, and it just all went to shit once we got there. I usually don't really complain, I don't like real whiners, but man, I am COMPLAINING now.

Mr K slammed The Princess's hand in the door and ripped her pointer finger nail off. Like OFF. I freaked of course, slapped a bandage on there, and went to the medicenter. Now, I must admit, this center is well prepared and efficient for things that are slightly more of an emergency. They asked what was wrong, pulled her file immediately, and ushered me into what must be the room saved for emergencies. The nurse cut off the bandage, took one look, and the doctor was there almost immediately after she left to get him. He snipped off the one little skin thread that had the nail attached, talked to me about how long it will take to heal, (months, but it will grow back) and what to watch for and when to come back in. . Obviously I have learned NOT to go to emerg at a hospital with things like this, that its SO efficient to go to a medicenter instead. Who knew?

Anyhow. She was all cleaned and bandaged and care for, Dora bandaids were bought to cheer her up, since she will be wearing them a looong while. We head home, kids get tv.

I take out the Broccoli Rabe that I picked up at Superstore to try for the first time ever, and rip off a piece, wash it up really well cause it looked like it had dirt on it, and try it out. Meh not bad.

Except for the part when my throat swelled up.

Now I didn't freak out, oddly enough Brazil nuts make my throat itch and swell a little, not that I eat them anymore lol, thanks, next time might be fatal. So I really didn't think much other than, ah shit, here's something else I am allergic to, and what the hell? A green plant? Nice allergy Karlynn.

Until my voice changed. I went to talk to the kids and effing freaked the mother f-ing out when my voice sounded like a man's who had something stuck in his throat and I realized that swallowing wasn't really working that well. So I called up Mike, who also absolutely freaked out because you couldn't even recognize me by my voice. So he stayed on the phone until my voice started coming back and the swelling went down enough that I wasn't terrified anymore.

A pic of the lovely rabe before it went into the garbage.

So weird, I was telling Mike that I know I washed the hell outta the little piece I ate, it had dirt on it, so I scrubbed it really well, so I actually don't think I can contribute it to a pesticide that might have been on it. I did google it and found a few people have had reactions to it, so weird.

Now tho, I think its time I teach Mr K how and when to dial 911...which actually Mike thought of first and I agree....and perhaps some benadryl kept on hand as well.

Speaking of which I was an ass and when talking to my dad later, didn't pick up on the other line when mike called like 3 times, and it didn't clue in why he would call so much. He was flipping out, thinking I am dead on the floor and ready to call 911 by the time I called him back. Whoops.

So that was my day. My throat still hurts and my chest is sore as well from it and I feel like a truck hit me, this day has officially kicked my ass.

But tomorrow is another day!


Cori said...

WOW, that's scary to have a reaction like that!! Crazy day you've had, for sure! Here's to a non-suckety sucky night!

Blackbird Pie said...

Ack. Hope tomorrow is a boring day.