Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Reading

I really haven't had time to update since I tend to plow through books in the summer while the kids are playing outside, so here's a list of most of what I've read, and most I bought so they are up for lending if you want to read them.

The Road - by Cormac McCarthy (excellent)

The Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters- by Elisabeth Robinson (entertaining)

Goodnight Nobody (belongs to Amanda) & Little Earthquakes-both by Jennifer Weiner (really wry, entertaining chick lit, two thumbs up!)

Here On Earth -by Alice Hoffman (excellent)

The Secret River - by Kate Greenville (a topic I have never read about, convict colonists in Australia, fascinating fiction book)

Spinning Around - by Catherine Jinks (chick lit)

I also finished that tome that Beckie lent me, Pillars of the Earth and its a fabulous read. Add in of course, my Iris Johanson's, my JD Robb's, and I got addicted to Fern Micheal's series about women vigilantes, they captured my interest when they Bobbitt'ed some men for revenge in the first one LOL! I would like to read them all.

And I hit VV the past week, so I have now to read Love In The Time of Cholera, The Rapture of Canaan, and I am going to try out a Joy Fielding finally, Don't Cry Now. I see her books eveywhere and thought I may as well check them out.